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470T Merlin MICRO Replacement Remote VIPER Sidewinder


470T Merlin MICRO Replacement Remote VIPER Sidewinder


Product Description

Buy Safe - AUTHORIZED Dealer (we have ALL the remotes)

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BUY SAFE -Factory Authorized Dealer



Micro Transmitter


Replacement Remote Control

For ALL These Models Listed Below


Works with:



Model AM1   Part#427A   Date Code 3L-UP

Model AM5   Part#436a   Date Code   ALL

Model AM6   Part#562a   Date Code   ALL

Model AM7   Part#563a   Date Code   ALL

Model 6HF   Part#448A   Date Code 7C-7G

Model 7HF   Part#553A   Date Code 7C-8E

Model 410   Part#410     Date Code   ALL 

Model 425   Part#425A   Date Code 8i-UP

Model 435   Part#435A   Date Code 8i-UP

Model 552   Part#552A   Date Code   ALL

Model 553   Part#553A   Date Code 6B-8L

Model 553   Part#553A   Date Code 9B-UP



Model 105B

Model 165B

Model 205B

Model 265B



Model Hurricane 3   Part#EZS249564



Model 553T   Part#553T   Date Code 7H-8B

Model 553T   Part#553T   Date Code 9B-UP

Model 554T   Part#554T   Date Code    ALL

Model 710T   Part#415T   Date Code 8A-UP

Model 851T   Part#851T   Date Code   ALL




Model 400HF   Part#410P   Date Code 8E-UP

Model 440HP   Part#416p  Date Code    ALL

Model 450ESP  Part#552P   Date Code 7H-UP

Model 625HF   Part#430P   Date Code 8D-UP

Model 650ESP  Part#429T   Date Code 9A-UP

Model 650HF   Part#432P   Date Code 8B-UP

Model  660HP   Part#436p   Date Code   ALL

Model 1000HF  Part#438P   Date Code 8B-up

Model PC 1000 HF (ESP)   Part#439P   Date Code 7J-UP

Model 1500HF   Part#553P   Date Code 7C-7L

Model 1500 HF   Part#553P   Date Code 8D-8i

Model 1500 HF (ESP)   Part#553P   Date Code 9B-UP

Model 1600XP   Part#563p   Date Code   ALL

Model 2000HF   Part#553P   Date Code 6A-6F

Model 3000HF   Part#381P   Date Code 5H-7L

Model PC 3000 HF   Part#381P   Date Code 8B-8G

Model 3000 HF (ESP)   Part#381P   Date Code 9A-UP



Model 359D   Part#359R   Date Code ALL



Model 3000HF   Part#410S   Date Code 8G-UP

Model 3200HS   Part#416s   Date Code   ALL

Model 3500ESP  Part#352S   Date Code 7H-UP

Model 4500HF   Part#430S   Date Code 8D-UP

Model 5000ESP  Part#429S   Date Code 9A-UP

Model 5000HF   Part#432S   Date Code 8B-UP

Model 5200XS   Part#436s   Date Code   ALL

Model 6000HF   Part#438S   Date Code 8D-UP

Model PC 6000 HF   Part#439S   Date Code 8B-UP

Model 6500HF   Part#553S   Date Code 7A-8B

Model 6500 HF   Part# 553S   Date Code 8D-8i

Model 6500 HF (ESP)   Part#553S   Date Code 9B-UP

Model 7000HF   Part#381S   Date Code 5H-7H

Model PC 7000 SHF   Part#381S   Date Code 8B-UP




           Model W/514T   Part#438J    Date Code 8K           

Model W/515R   Part#438K   Date Code 8K

Keyless Entry   Part#711k   Date Code 8K



Model 450    Part#450    Date Code 6D-6I

Model 450R   Part#450R   Date Code 8C-8E

Model 519H   Part#519H   Date Code 5A-UP

Model 551R   Part#551P   Date Code   ALL

Model/Part#554t   Date Code   ALL

Model/Part#562t   Date Code   ALL

Model/Part#563t   Date Code   ALL



Model 100HF   Part#410V   Date Code 8G-UP

Model 130HV   Part#561V   Date Code   ALL

Model 150ESP  Part#552V   Date Code 9C-UP

Model 160XV   Part#562v   Date Code   ALL

Model 210HV   Part#416v   Date Code   ALL

Model 300ESP  Part#429V   Date Code 9A-UP

Model 300HF   Part#430V   Date Code 8B-9A

Model PC300HF Part#429V   Date Code   ALL

Model 300+HF  Part#432V   Date Code 8B-9B

Model 500HF   Part#438V   Date Code 8B-UP

Model PC 500 HF   Part#439V   Date Code 7J-UP

Model 550HF   Part#553V   Date Code 7D-8B

Model 550 HF   Part#553V  Date Code 8D-9A

Model 550 ESP   Part#553V   Date Code 9B-UP

Model 560XV   Part#563v   Date Code   ALL  

Model 600HF   Part#448V   Date Code 7A-8B

Model 600 HF   Part#448V  Date Code 8B-8L

Model PC 600 HF (ESP)   Part#449V   Date Code 9A-UP

Model 650XV   Part#436v   Date Code   ALL

Model 700HF   Part#371V   Date Code 6A-6F

Model 771XV   Part#567v   Date Code   ALL

Model 800HF   Part# 381V   Date Code 5H-7L

Model PC 800 SHF   Part#381V  Date Code 8B-8F

Model 800 SHF ESP   Part#381V   Date Code 8G-UP

Model 850XV   Part 446v   Date Code   ALL


Your DATE CODE is IMPORTANT.  It can usually be found stamped on your main control unit.  If you don't know where your main control unit is installed, or how to read your date code, check with a professional installer before ordering a replacement transmitter.


This transmitter works with all these models although it may look somewhat different from your original transmitter. Check our Ebay store for availability of Transmitter # 471T, 471C, 474B, 474T, 474V, 476T, and 485M which may more closely resemble your original remote control.



Don't see YOUR model HERE ?

Visit our ebaY store




We carry ALL the remotes for

Directed Electronics systems, including:

  •  Automate
  • Avital
  •  Boa 
  •  Clifford
  • Hornet
  •  Pro Guard
  •  Python
  •  Rattler
  •  Sidewinder
  •  Steal Stopper
  •  Valet
  •  Viper





The MERLIN 2-Button 3-Channel MICRO Transmitter

The 470T transmitter is a super high frequency, rolling code transmitter.


It is compatible with any high frequency, Learn Routine security system as well as the DEI 450R channel expander.

  • 434 Mhz
  • 2/66 Super Code Hopping
  • Powered by a 3 Year Lithium Cell
  • Tiny size (see picture)






PLEASE READ Before Buying This Item:

YOU may need the help of a professional to coordinate this transmitter with your Alarm/Keyless/Remote Start.  IF you have all the installation instructions from your remote control unit, and IF you know where to access your valet button and/or the master control unit and IF you are able to comprehend and follow those instructions, you may be able to coordinate this transmitter by yourself.  Otherwise, please visit an authorized dealer.  That being said,

This unit WILL work with every alarm model listed above.

This unit is BRAND NEW.

There are NO RETURNS on our remote transmitters.




To keep your shipping cost low, we ship our transmitters via USPS


Select this option when you want your remote in a hurry.



When it says  BRAND NEW


  • No  Gray Goods
  • Serial #s are NOT defaced or removed
  • The item is as it was originally packed by the manufacturer


Protect your purchase
with a warranty - click here
Protect your purchase with a warranty - click here


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