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6.5" HD-62 BRAXIAL CDT Audio 2-Way High Definition Speaker System

$550.00 $499.95
(You save $50.05)

6.5" HD-62 BRAXIAL CDT Audio 2-Way High Definition Speaker System

$550.00 $499.95
(You save $50.05)

Product Description

6.5" HD-62 BRAXIAL CDT Audio 2-Way High Definition Speaker System

“Contoured Dispersion Technology”
Musical Imaging That Borders On The Magical!
Astonishing Dimensionality  - Fast, Clean Transients - No Listening Fatigue - Remarkable Up-Front Soundstage


CDT Audio Braxial design has huge advantages
over the more common coaxial and component speaker systems

Braxial Style Advantages:

  • Utilization of a single mounting position for full range response.
  • Sealed dust-cap on the mid/woofer for full extension and protection from dirt.
  • Acoustically non-resonant mount for smoothest response.
  • Time aligned axis defines an optimum listening space for maximum clarity.
  • Uniform polar response is available over a well defined but broad area.

CDT Audio Braxial design has huge advantages over the more common coaxial and component speaker systems.

The coaxial two-way speaker mounts the Tweeter on an axis ahead of the apex of the main cone. This Tweeter blocks the sound from the main cone as well as producing sound that is always ahead of the main cone. The supporting post utilized in this design must pass through the dust-cap and thus allows dirt to pass into the voice coil gap or requires an extra, restrictive noisy spider to exclude some potential dirt ingress.

The area created between the back of the blocking Tweeter and the apex of the cone forms a resonant cavity that can color the sound from both woofer and Tweeter. The volume of this cavity can vary during long mid/woofer excursions. Response ripple at the crossover frequency can result. The sound from the forward mounted Tweeter is always “ahead” of the main cone and is never time aligned with this cone. Most coaxial speakers use a cheap single crossover part embedded somewhere in the assembly.

The CDT Audio Braxial design solves these problems. The dust-cap is retained for a clean extended high end from the mid/woofer and positively excludes dirt that may enter from the automotive interior. The Tweeter is not mounted on top of the dust-cap or the apex of the cone. Instead it is placed in the cone area but to the side where it allows the Tweeter to couple strongly to the mid/woofer and to be rotationally placed to time align the woofer dome and the Tweeter. This means there is an area defined by points, which are equidistant to the apex of the cone and the Tweeter diaphragm. Additionally the Tweeter, which itself is angled, may be directed during mounting. Finally one ideal mounting and listening position exists to provide the best of both.

Relative to individual drivers the CDT Audio Braxial design provides a more predictable result in conjunction with the high-quality external matching crossover network. The interaction of the sound fields between the Tweeter and mid/woofer in the Braxial allows each driver to accentuate the output of the other. This expresses itself as a broader polar response in the crossover region. Also the enhanced time alignment lends precision and clarity through an improved transient response.

When the drivers are separated and placed at various distances from the listener some of the design precision is taken out of the system. Now the installer may need to adjust the Tweeter level to give the best blend.

The polar response in the crossover region is optimized by the CDT Audio Braxial construction. The closer the drivers the wider this response will be.

In the case that the Braxial must be mounted inconveniently low, the WS-100i UStage image tweeter could be used to inject a small amount of very high frequencies in an elevated location and in precisely variable amounts to restore extreme high frequency energy and to enhance and raise the image.

Installed design precision is the overall advantage of CDT Audio Braxial based systems.






6.5" HD-62 BRAXIAL CDT Audio 2-Way High Definition Speaker System

Upgraded with EX540 crossovers and DRT-26 tweeter 

ES 63it

HD 62 BRAXIAL2-way system

Technical specs and contents:

  • 1 pr HD-6 6.5” cast mid woofer

  • 1 pr EX-540 24dB Elliptic 2-way crossover

  • 1 pr DRT-26 1” silk tweeter mounted on bracket

  • Frequency response: 55Hz-20.000Hz.

  • Impedance: 4 Ohm

  • Sensitivity:92.6dB

  • Mounting depth 6.5” woofer 2.75”



HD 6
1 pr 6.5" mid-woofer

  • Frequency response 55Hz-6.000Hz

  • Power handling: 100WRMS (200Watt Pk) HPF 120Hz

  • Impedance 4 Ohm Sensitivity: 93.1dB

  • Mounting depth: 2.75”

  • Cut out diameter: 5.87”

  • Cast frame: OD 6.75”

  • Cone: Reinforced mix fabric carbon compound

  • Magnet weight 20 Oz

  • Cone surround Buytal rubber

  • Impedance: 4Ohm

  • Voice coil: 1.5” (30mm)Fs: 78.5Hz



EX 540
Elliptic “Transient Optimized 2-way crossover

Technical specs and contents:

  • 1 pr EX-540 4th order 24dB design
  • Built-in crossover trim switch
  • Tweeter attenuation
  • Built-in tweeter protection

DRT 26  - includes the Silk Tweeter
1” Modular tweeter ferro fluid cooling

Technical specs and contents:

  • 1pr 1” modular tweeter driver neo charged magnet structure (aluminum – silk -titanium optional flavors)
  • 1 pr flush mount housing w/hardware
  • 1 pr angled flush mount ring
  • 1 pr flat surface mount cup 1 pr angled surface mount cup
  • Frequency response 1500Hz-21.000Hz
  • Impedance 4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 92dB
  • Flush mount hole 1 10/16”
  • Flush mount depth ¾”
  • Flush cup OD 2”

CDTAUDIO designs and builds its drivers and crossovers to the very highest of standards. Years of experience and design flexibility yield higher quality and better performance. Quite simply, we produce "audiophile" sound, smoother response, wider dynamic range, and better imaging and higher reliability. Our incredible midbass and midrange drivers are flat to 7khz! That's 6.5-octave response!
This puts much less stress on the Tweeter, providing greater power handling and much better sound. Our special "Contoured Dispersion" radiation pattern in the critical midrange frequencies delivers rock solid imaging and front staging, with virtually no "side biasing."
The carbon treated paper cones offer ideal stiffness and damping. The curvilinear cone shape prevents cone flex and break up. This provides clean midbass even at higher levels. The always-critical midrange frequencies are clear and precise with no distortion from "ringing." The midbass/midrange drivers use real butyl surrounds, not merely a mixed butyl compound. This provides longer, more linear excursion, and a far longer life because it's UV resistant.


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